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Manual de maus costumes

Manual de maus costumes


Uma descoberta recente

jorge c.
When Hans Hofmann became a hedgehog
somewhere in a Germany that has
vanished with its forests and hedgerows
Shakespeare would have been a young actor
starting out in a country that was
only a word to Hans who had learned
from those who had painted animals
only from hearing tales about them
without ever setting eyes on them
or from corpses with the lingering
light mute and deathly still forever
held fast in the fur or the feathers
hanging or lying on a table
and he had learned from others who had
arranged the corpses of animals
as though they were still alive in full
flight or on their way but this hedgehog
was there in the same life as his own
looking around at him with his brush
of camel hair and his stretched parchment
of sheepskin as he turned to each sharp
particular quill and every black
whisker on the long live snout and those
flat clawed feet made only for trundling
and for feeling along the dark undersides
of stones and as Hans took them in he
turned into the Hans that we would see
W.S. Merwin

Em louvor do grande Camões

jorge c.

Sobre os contrários o terror e a morte
Dardeje embora Aquiles denodado,
Ou no rápido carro ensanguentado
Leve arrastos sem vida o Teuco forte:

Embora o bravo Macedónio corte
Coa fulminante espada o nó fadado,
Que eu de mais nobre estímulo tocado,
Nem lhe amo a glória, nem lhe invejo a sorte:

Invejo-te, Camões, o nome honroso;
Da mente criadora o sacro lume,
Que exprime as fúrias de Lieu raivoso:

Os ais de Inês, de Vénus o queixume,
As pragas do gigante proceloso,
O céu de Amor, o inferno do Ciúme.



Manuel Maria de Barbosa L'Hedois du Bocage



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